How Professional Head Shots Can Change Your Life


Ward-1We’ve all heard it before: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” It’s so true. Since humans are visual creatures, our first impressions are made with our eyes. This is the case with everything in our lives, anywhere from simply ordering food, to dating, or to purchasing a home. This applies even more online in the social-media world. In today’s digital age, social-media profiles are increasingly important in building your identity. It is very rare that you meet someone who doesn’t have a Facebook profile, LinkedIn Professional profile, Twitter account or some type of dating profile. With all of these profiles, the main focal point is the profile picture and that serves as the “first impression”.  With that being the case, it is vital that you invest in yourself with a professionally created headshot and photography to use in all aspects of your social-media life.

Another one we have all heard before is “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In the case of your profile picture, this is true as well. Especially with LinkedIn, the profile picture or lack thereof could make or break your chances at getting an interview for a job. LinkedIn statistics show that people are 11 times more likely to be viewed and considered for the job if they have a photo. If you don’t have a photo as a part of your social-media profile, people will assume the worst. Thats exactly what you don’t need.

Imagine that you are on a dating site and you found what you considered to be the perfect person for you, but they don’t have a photo. Would you believe what their profile said about them? Would you believe that they were the tall attractive blond that they described themselves as or some extremely unattractive person who is too afraid to put their real selves out there? Now imagine that you are an employer or a recruiter that was sent a LinkedIn resume to view. You read the resume and it seems extremely impressive, but there is no profile picture. Are you going to believe what the resume says? Don’t make the huge mistake of not having a photo on your profile – and don’t make the mistake of posting the WRONG picture. If “A picture is worth a thousand words” you want your profile picture to say what you’re worth!

It’s very important to have professional head shots taken to use on your LinkedIn profile. Since the picture is the first impression that you can give to the employer/recruiter, it needs to be the best. Your professionalism is reflected in the quality of the image, the degree of welcome in your expression and the overall “energy” you exude. Special attention ought to be paid to the selection of your pose, wardrobe and facial expression. A thoughtful, pleasing portrait instantaneously enhances you, pulls people in and motivates them to learn more about you. A poorly composed, pixilated or unflattering photo will quickly deflate visitors to your page. An effective headshot conveys trust and facilitates connection. Make a strong first impression with a profile photo that represents the Big Picture. Choosing the right photo enhances your brand, and provides a face and voice for the words on your profile. Never use photos of you with your family or pets–save that for your Facebook albums, not your profile picture.

It’s also smart to use your headshot or an image of yourself on your advertising materials such as business cards, newspaper ads, billboards or brochures. The reason why is that prospects, customers and colleagues enjoy doing business with people they can relate to and feel like they know. A smiling realtor’s face on business cards and fliers is one way they try to build trust and like-ability – and paves the way for very large purchases. This goes for any business. You can never go wrong with investing in professional photography… It could change your life!

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Hilton Garden Inn Myrtle Beach

We just completed photography for the recent renovations of the Hilton Garden Inn Myrtle Beach/Coastal Grand Mall.   Renovations include New Chandeleir, Paint, and Lanterns! They have done a spectacular job!

Address: 2383 Coastal Grand Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577










Hilton_Garden_Inn_MB-9 Hilton_Garden_Inn_MB-10 Hilton_Garden_Inn_MB-11

Wedding Dress Secrets


How do some brides pull it off with their wedding dresses? Where do they shop for fantastic dresses that do not come with the prices of Balenciaga wedding frocks? If you are getting married this year, the thought might not cross your mind, but it pays to know what to do in advance.

Shop Months Ahead

Planning for the wedding covers hundreds of details for a one-day affair. If you can afford a wedding planner to do the worrying that would be great but if you opt to do the footwork yourselves, be realistic about diving the chores with your groom so you can focus on shopping for a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and your trousseau.

In your excitement, you might make the mistake of hundreds of brides before you. The common mistake brides make is taking too much time deciding on their wedding dresses. Ordering a wedding dress should have a margin for alterations and several fittings before it is finally ready for pick up, which in most cases is about three weeks before the wedding. Bridal shops require that you make an order at least six months before the wedding; this may seem to be too well in advance, which is correct.

In six months time, you start shopping around. When you find one that stands out from the rack of wedding dresses and discover it does not fit, there is time to make extensive alterations. If you find a dress that’s perfect but you want pearls to be added on the bodice, then that’s another time-consuming refurbishing.

Another thing, if you are planning a summer wedding get your order before the summer boom. Bridal shops are up to their neck with alterations by this time and you won’t find a shop willing to take on a rush order for wedding dresses. Unless you have a perfect figure and can fit the regular sizes and you immediately find something gorgeous, there should be no problem. But don’t bet on this.

The Custom Look Without the Expense

You might have set your sights on Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses, which are unfortunately beyond your budget. If you look around, you can find a similar style from a Tanya-Marie Bridal collection, Mari Lee collection, Jai Bridals, Alfred Sung, and Collector – for the fraction of the price of ritzy designer labels. You might be surprised at the extensive selections, the fabulous fabrics, and designs and best of all, the price for a stunning wedding dress and you can rent your wedding dress!

Advantage of One-Stop Shopping

Bridal shops have bridal packages and give away lots of discounts if you buy your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride’s dress, wedding invitations and wedding cake from them. This saves you time and the stress of dealing with different shops. The bridal shop specialist assigned to you also works closely with you and gives you updates on your wedding stuff. These are a hundred dollars

Ordering Online

Ordering wedding dresses online is a convenience. But be very accurate with your measurements before clicking away. Ask a professional seamstress take your measurement first. Doing the measurement yourself may not be a good idea; mistakes are costly and the dress may need extensive work for a single mistake.

If the bridal shop is within your locality or just an hour’s drive away, visit the shop and try on the wedding gowns and dresses that suit your body shape and skin coloring. This eliminates future problems about fit. Now you know some of the secrets when shopping for your wedding dress.


- Written by Egypt Eve



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Miss Loris Bog-Off – Emily Grey Wayne

Recently we photographed Emily Wayne, Miss Loris Bog-Off.  Loris holds the Bog-off annually on the third weekend in October.  This downtown festival attracts 1,000s of visitors from all over the region.  Over 200 vendors include: arts & crafts, retail, food, and non-profit.

Miss Loris Bog-Off Queen 2013

This was part of our ad for the Loris Chamber of Commerce. Good Luck at Miss South Carolina, Emily!

Modeling Portfolios by CMMS Studio


Emily+Loris+Bog-Off+Myrtle+Beach+Headshots Emily+Loris+Bog-Off+Myrtle+Beach+Headshots Emily+Loris+Bog-Off+Myrtle+Beach+Headshots Emily+Loris+Bog-Off+Myrtle+Beach+Headshots