How Professional Head Shots Can Change Your Life


Ward-1We’ve all heard it before: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” It’s so true. Since humans are visual creatures, our first impressions are made with our eyes. This is the case with everything in our lives, anywhere from simply ordering food, to dating, or to purchasing a home. This applies even more online in the social-media world. In today’s digital age, social-media profiles are increasingly important in building your identity. It is very rare that you meet someone who doesn’t have a Facebook profile, LinkedIn Professional profile, Twitter account or some type of dating profile. With all of these profiles, the main focal point is the profile picture and that serves as the “first impression”.  With that being the case, it is vital that you invest in yourself with a professionally created headshot and photography to use in all aspects of your social-media life.

Another one we have all heard before is “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In the case of your profile picture, this is true as well. Especially with LinkedIn, the profile picture or lack thereof could make or break your chances at getting an interview for a job. LinkedIn statistics show that people are 11 times more likely to be viewed and considered for the job if they have a photo. If you don’t have a photo as a part of your social-media profile, people will assume the worst. Thats exactly what you don’t need.

Imagine that you are on a dating site and you found what you considered to be the perfect person for you, but they don’t have a photo. Would you believe what their profile said about them? Would you believe that they were the tall attractive blond that they described themselves as or some extremely unattractive person who is too afraid to put their real selves out there? Now imagine that you are an employer or a recruiter that was sent a LinkedIn resume to view. You read the resume and it seems extremely impressive, but there is no profile picture. Are you going to believe what the resume says? Don’t make the huge mistake of not having a photo on your profile – and don’t make the mistake of posting the WRONG picture. If “A picture is worth a thousand words” you want your profile picture to say what you’re worth!

It’s very important to have professional head shots taken to use on your LinkedIn profile. Since the picture is the first impression that you can give to the employer/recruiter, it needs to be the best. Your professionalism is reflected in the quality of the image, the degree of welcome in your expression and the overall “energy” you exude. Special attention ought to be paid to the selection of your pose, wardrobe and facial expression. A thoughtful, pleasing portrait instantaneously enhances you, pulls people in and motivates them to learn more about you. A poorly composed, pixilated or unflattering photo will quickly deflate visitors to your page. An effective headshot conveys trust and facilitates connection. Make a strong first impression with a profile photo that represents the Big Picture. Choosing the right photo enhances your brand, and provides a face and voice for the words on your profile. Never use photos of you with your family or pets–save that for your Facebook albums, not your profile picture.

It’s also smart to use your headshot or an image of yourself on your advertising materials such as business cards, newspaper ads, billboards or brochures. The reason why is that prospects, customers and colleagues enjoy doing business with people they can relate to and feel like they know. A smiling realtor’s face on business cards and fliers is one way they try to build trust and like-ability – and paves the way for very large purchases. This goes for any business. You can never go wrong with investing in professional photography… It could change your life!

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BNI International Business In Common

Our BNI chapter recently came up with a design to attract potential members for our BIG BREAKFAST in February.  We can now distribute this design through forms of social media and tangible handouts.

BNI International “Business In Common” meets:
every Monday from 5:30-7:00pm at Nacho Hippo at the Market Common


Market Common Myrtle Beach SC

Hilton Garden Inn Myrtle Beach

We just completed photography for the recent renovations of the Hilton Garden Inn Myrtle Beach/Coastal Grand Mall.   Renovations include New Chandeleir, Paint, and Lanterns! They have done a spectacular job!

Address: 2383 Coastal Grand Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577










Hilton_Garden_Inn_MB-9 Hilton_Garden_Inn_MB-10 Hilton_Garden_Inn_MB-11

Etsy Shop: FlowerCouture- Gatsby Collection

CMMS Studio traveled back to the Roaring 1920′s with Etsy’s shop, FlowerCouture.  Our team built two sets that resembled a Gatsby atmosphere.  We brought models in from the South Carolina Pageant circuit (including Miss Teen South Carolina- Brook Sill and Miss Junior Teen United States- Savanna Brown), models from Model Mayhem, and even our MUA took part as a model in this incredible experience!  FlowerCouture’s owner, Lynn Brown thought the photos were, “Stunning!”  Knowing that we fulfilled and exceeded our client’s expectations makes our profession and passion for photography worth while.


Find these FAB headbands on Flower Couture‘s Etsy page>

Photography by CMMS Studio (Custom Multimedia Solutions)

#Gatsby dress by Tanya-Marie Design

Models: Miranda Hodges, Ashley Lauren Pendergist, Kelehear Dickerson, Savanna Rae Brown (Miss Junior Teen United States), Blythe Neal, Brook Sill (Miss Teen SC USA)

MUA: Andrea Flowers

Miranda Hodges wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC

Ashley Lauren Pendergist wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC

Blythe Neal wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Kelehear Dickerson wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Miranda Hodges wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Savanna Rae Brown, Miss Junior Teen United States, wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Ashley Lauren Pendergist wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC



Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Andrea+Flowers+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband

Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband



Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Andrea+Flowers+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband



Production Manager/Creative Director: Brenda Lerner
Photographer/Creative Director/Graphic Artist: Meganpixels Parker
Graphic Artist: Amanda “Dazzling” Welch
Videographer/Lighting/Gaffer/ : Art Barrera
Lighting/Gaffer: Keith Bardwell