Beautiful Beach Weddings

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful location for a Beach Wedding.  The sand beaches are clean and expansive. The weather is mild and of course the ocean is magnificent. Romance amidst a tropical setting brings many couples to this lovely area.

There are countless options for entertainment before and after the wedding ceremony and a wide variety of accommodations are available.

CMMS Studio has been at the forefront of Beach Wedding photography since 2006. It has been our privilege to capture every detail of this special day for many couples. On your big day, we will be with you before, during and after your ceremony to ensure that we capture every precious memory. We understand that every moment from the individual portraits and group photographs, to the first dance, bouquet toss, champagne toast and cake cutting is extremely important and priceless to you. With us, you will not have to worry or wonder if your special day is being captured the way it deserves. You will have no need to stress – with us you can rest assured that you will receive the best.

Our goal is to make your beautiful memories everlasting. We go one step further and make them epic.

As you view the following sample of photos from various beach weddings, please notice that colors are vibrant, there are no shadows (where they don’t belong!) and the creativity takes you a big step out of the ordinary. Lighting specialists accompany our team of photographers. We have all been trained by the best in the world and have the latest equipment and technology. Also, please note that you will be viewing some examples of “infra-red” photography.

Please enjoy. We are passionate about our work! As we tell our couples, “You can hire talent. However, you can only FIND passion.”

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Myrtle Beach Weddings


Engagement Ring – Wedding Band

The holiday season is filled with wonder and joy. Many couples choose to add romance by becoming engaged during the Christmas season. Whether a public or private Christmas proposal is chosen, this special moment will always be a treasured holiday memory.

January and February are CMMS Studio’s busiest months for our newly engaged couples to come to our studio to discuss their Photography and Video needs and to choose a date for their wedding.

We would like to share a few of our beautiful photographs of engagement and wedding rings and thought you may enjoy the history of how the tradition of engagement rings and wedding bands began and evolved through the centuries.

The purpose of the rings is to signify a partnership and to symbolize a relationship having a complete circle with no breaks and no end. This symbolism spans many centuries and many cultures beginning in ancient Egypt. Leaves and stems were woven into circles to signify never-ending and immortal love. The fourth finger on the left hand was believed to contain a vein that was directly connected to the heart and became the “ring” finger.

Roman betrothal rings were made of iron, which signified strength and endurance. The Romans were the first to engrave their rings. The rings were awarded as a symbol of ownership. Roman men “claimed” their woman with the ring.

Arab and Asian cultures used “Puzzle” rings as wedding bands. These rings served the dual purpose of the marriage announcement and to enforce the fidelity vow. Once removed from the finger, the ring would collapse and only the husband could put it together as each ring was unique.

Europeans began to use rings to show affection and promising love in the 17th century. These rings were known as “Posey” rings and symbolized a pledge of eternal togetherness.

In America, during Colonial times, jewelry was prohibited. Americans were frugal and deemed jewelry an unnecessary extravagance. Thimbles were given as an engagement token and the top cut off to fit the finger for the wedding band.

It is clear that the giving of a ring in honor of a union, betrothal, and marriage has been going on since ancient times, and although it may not always have been as glamorous and romantic as it is today, it was still a way of exchanging a contract of betrothal or marriage.

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CMMS Studio Advises Creative Professionals – Make New Year’s Resolutions – 2013

Happy New Year

CMMS Studio recommends setting resolutions for the New Year that increase productivity in a creative work environment. During times when artists experience a creative slump, they dig out by making an exerted effort at least once a day to babble, dance, sketch something original, think out loud to strengthen creativity, inspire motivation, and expand their imagination.


CMMS Studio offers some tips that have helped them in 2012.

Power OFF technology devices.

Every Monday for two hours the professionals at CMMS Studio, come together for an uninterrupted meeting to exchange creative ideas. They constantly improve their techniques with up-to-date technologies that are implemented in their photography, videography, advertising, and graphic design business workflow. Consequently CMMS Studio has become a technology-driven business whose team are “glued” to either their computers or cameras all day which shortens the time they verbally communicate with one another. A breakthrough was made during one of their weekly meetings when they all took part in an informal Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment to measure their various personality types. This served as a “team-building exercise” which, as a result has made each team member aware of their various traits and personality characteristics and use them in ways that help address and cope with situations in a more positive and effective manner. Due to the sharing of ideas amongst the staff and their constant awareness of current technologies they are experiencing an increase in productivity and profit.

Live the opposite.

Whether a person fits the personality type of an obsessive compulsive or a messy compulsive, it is good to reverse the normal flow. Graphic designers have the stereotype of being extremely orderly with a feng shui practice because of the invisible x and y grid they live every day. They need to let go of feng shui and loosen up to some “messy” shui. Changing the routine up every day by allowing dishes, laundry or other household items to just exist without order helps. Painters, especially men, get the bad wrap of living too “free” with their chaotic piles. Devoting some time in the week to make sense of those piles and organize them as if they were a Pinterest board is a good excersise. They recommend evoking creativity by changing up the flow of the predictive sense. Use smart and easy feng shui tips to create vibrant energy in the office. “Feng shui is all about great energy, and it is needed when it comes to productivity and business success”, says Megan Parker. At CMMS Studio Feng shui is practiced by following these 10 practical tips found at:

Give Your Desktop a Facelift.

There are times when a person subconsciously meditates on a mundane desktop background. Everyone does this at one time or another. Imaginations can be rejuvenated by finding a colorful image that goes to another time or place. Computer monitors can be set to change scenes every so often with full-spectrum images that can be rotated every 30 minutes. Exposing the eyes to different hues serves as therapy and is essential in working through the creative process. Remember the world is not simply black and white. It is filled with an array of colors and images that stimulate the psyche.

Speak with kindness to everyone

A person can look in front of a mirror daily and verbally compliment him or herself and thank God for their gift of creativity. The art realm is full of criticism – whether constructive or destructive. The use of creative friction is always helpful to see different sides of the same triangle. Even when creative disagreements arise with someone, always speak with kindness and gratitude. Ask them about their lives instead of always being all business. This doesn’t mean a person needs to pry into another’s personal matters; it just shows an interest in who they are as people. This allows the artistic energy to flow without “ruffling any feathers.”