Wedding Dress Secrets


How do some brides pull it off with their wedding dresses? Where do they shop for fantastic dresses that do not come with the prices of Balenciaga wedding frocks? If you are getting married this year, the thought might not cross your mind, but it pays to know what to do in advance.

Shop Months Ahead

Planning for the wedding covers hundreds of details for a one-day affair. If you can afford a wedding planner to do the worrying that would be great but if you opt to do the footwork yourselves, be realistic about diving the chores with your groom so you can focus on shopping for a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and your trousseau.

In your excitement, you might make the mistake of hundreds of brides before you. The common mistake brides make is taking too much time deciding on their wedding dresses. Ordering a wedding dress should have a margin for alterations and several fittings before it is finally ready for pick up, which in most cases is about three weeks before the wedding. Bridal shops require that you make an order at least six months before the wedding; this may seem to be too well in advance, which is correct.

In six months time, you start shopping around. When you find one that stands out from the rack of wedding dresses and discover it does not fit, there is time to make extensive alterations. If you find a dress that’s perfect but you want pearls to be added on the bodice, then that’s another time-consuming refurbishing.

Another thing, if you are planning a summer wedding get your order before the summer boom. Bridal shops are up to their neck with alterations by this time and you won’t find a shop willing to take on a rush order for wedding dresses. Unless you have a perfect figure and can fit the regular sizes and you immediately find something gorgeous, there should be no problem. But don’t bet on this.

The Custom Look Without the Expense

You might have set your sights on Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses, which are unfortunately beyond your budget. If you look around, you can find a similar style from a Tanya-Marie Bridal collection, Mari Lee collection, Jai Bridals, Alfred Sung, and Collector – for the fraction of the price of ritzy designer labels. You might be surprised at the extensive selections, the fabulous fabrics, and designs and best of all, the price for a stunning wedding dress and you can rent your wedding dress!

Advantage of One-Stop Shopping

Bridal shops have bridal packages and give away lots of discounts if you buy your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride’s dress, wedding invitations and wedding cake from them. This saves you time and the stress of dealing with different shops. The bridal shop specialist assigned to you also works closely with you and gives you updates on your wedding stuff. These are a hundred dollars

Ordering Online

Ordering wedding dresses online is a convenience. But be very accurate with your measurements before clicking away. Ask a professional seamstress take your measurement first. Doing the measurement yourself may not be a good idea; mistakes are costly and the dress may need extensive work for a single mistake.

If the bridal shop is within your locality or just an hour’s drive away, visit the shop and try on the wedding gowns and dresses that suit your body shape and skin coloring. This eliminates future problems about fit. Now you know some of the secrets when shopping for your wedding dress.


- Written by Egypt Eve



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CMMS Studio Offers Metropolitan Style Photography

High end photography studios are typically found in big cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta to name a few. Due to location these studios typically carry huge overhead and a matching price tag which is the reason why many aspiring actresses, models and pageant contestants are looking to professionals such as CMMS Studio located in the small southern town of Loris, SC.

Located away from the hustle and bustle, CMMS Studio offers photography services that meet or exceed those of big cities with the added bonus of being located in a relaxed setting that is friendlier, more economical and convenient to those seeking commercial quality images. “The sky is the limit. We can do anything we set our minds to, we are very passionate about what we do” says Meganpixels Parker, photographer and graphic artist at CMMS Studio.

CMMS Studio has seen growth in the interest from aspiring models and pageant moms that are looking for alternative photography studios that will offer a competitive edge without the metropolitan price tag. For example, CMMS Studio recently photographed a client that came from Atlanta to have a portfolio especially tailored. He currently models for firms in NY and Miami.

Pageant moms have become increasingly aware that a good portfolio may be the key to getting into a pageant, but having a WOW portfolio will set a contestant apart and heighten chances of success. The Photographic section of a pageant portfolio showcases a variety of Live, Natural and Glamour images all of which are specialties of CMMS Studio. Often overlooked, the underlying purpose of a pageant portfolio is to ultimately gain talent agency representation, modeling assignments and even acting jobs for the contestant. This is when it pays to use a company such as CMMS Studio which has the ability to produce all the creative photography and graphic design for supporting artwork such as comp cards.

The company’s tag line speaks for itself: “Step out of the ordinary”. The photographic portfolios are created through the eyes of several artists and professionals who live to help aspiring stars achieve their dreams. Each portfolio session offers a unique experience crafted to the model’s needs: wardrobes are discussed as are locations, backdrops, props and finally the times and dates. Then the magic begins and the results speak for themselves.

When asked in depth about what other photography services are offered, CMMS Studio representatives stated that the studio covers the entire gamut from general portraiture and weddings to the afore mentioned modeling portfolios and even photos with Santa.

However this new breed of studio not only offers photography, it also provides graphic design, video and film production services all in one place. Business owners have discovered that dealing with one vendor that can handle their product photography, graphic/web design and TV commercial spots can be very effective and saves money. “It only makes sense. Our different departments coordinate with each other in-house and the client only has to make one call. This saves time and money” states Videography Department Head Art Barrera.

As the photography and media industry continues to change companies like CMMS Studio are becoming the standard for aspiring models, pageant contestants and businesses alike.

About CMMS Studio
Located in Loris, South Carolina, Custom Multi-Media Solutions, Inc. was founded and incorporated with the objective of providing cutting-edge multimedia services ranging from Photography and Video to Graphic Design at affordable rates to people everywhere. CMMS Studio offers a wide variety of photographic services from Commercial Modeling to General Portraiture. We believe that every customer is unique and has specific needs. We provide personalized attention to all of our clients to help meet their personal budget. Our professionals include a video production team that films weddings, dance recitals and family events as well as producing high quality TV commercial spots, documentaries and industrial/training videos. CMMS Studio offers Graphic Design solutions for small and large business with three designers that can design anything from business logos to signs, brochures, billboards and web sites. No job is too large or too small.

Storm Damaged Heirlooms

Allow our team of photo restoration specialists lend support to the victims of the Superstorm Sandy.  Your precious memories will be restored at our cost (no profit margin).  Take a moment to view our website and see what we can do to help you preserve those invaluable pieces of heritage.

Contact us by phone or email:
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Furry Friends Pet Photography

CMMS Studio is the “cat’s meow” for pet portraiture.  The “Dog Days of Summer” are over now so come on out and get a beautiful portrait made of your favorite furry child or children. We are also offering a special on Pet Portrait Painting for those who are interested! Check out our Pinterest for some furry inspiration!



















Big Fat Greek Wedding – Lean Style

Eric and Olga were wed at the Greek Orthodox Church in Myrtle Beach, but had some unorthodox moments. Olga’s engagement ring was a toe ring, Eric picked out Olga’s wedding dress, and Eric walked Olga down the aisle (instead of her dad who had passed on).  Their wedding was such a joy to capture!

Olga and Eric Slideshow


Diving into Minds – High School Seniors

The class of 2013 represents the dawning of “Generation Z”.  They are unaware of what life would be like with little to no technology entertaining their every moment.  With such cultivated lives comes great, yet complex personalities.

We have had the pleasure of photographing some of these unique seniors lately.  Enjoy!




Has someone ever told you, “You are very photogenic.  The camera loves you!”

A term once used to describe someone has now become a competitive division in the pageant world.



Photogenic /ˌfōtəˈjenik/  (noun) a headshot or portrait used to compete in beauty pageants



How are these photos judged?

Photographers must have a keen eye for composition and know what the judges are looking for when taking a photogenic.

#1 You are only able to submit ONE photogenic in competition (at the MOST two if they permit it)

#2 The eyes must be composed above the 50% mark of the image.

#3 THE BABY MUST BE HAPPY AND CHEERFUL.  Judges want to see a baby that is full of life.  The solemn, pouty look is ok to be submitted in the “portfolio division”, but NOT in the photogenic category.

#4 Judges want to see a colorful images.




Cricket, the first little beauty queen shown below is currently winning, not only in her division, but also winning “Grand Supreme”.  In Layman’s terms that means Cricket is winning photogenic in her age group, winning overall in her age group, and winning the overall competition (meaning she is beating girls up to age 18). 

Keep up the good work Cricket!

Lillie B is the new, fresh face of Child Model Magazine

Sydney, 2012 Photogenic Winner "Dance Machine Nationals"



TalentTalent can be found anywhere in anyone at any time.  But, Passion is rare.  It cannot be found in just anyonePassion is a calling.  Only a select few have it.

Clients motivate and inspire our work in every aspect.  We hope you enjoy our photo journey in this journal.