Etsy Shop: FlowerCouture- Gatsby Collection

CMMS Studio traveled back to the Roaring 1920′s with Etsy’s shop, FlowerCouture.  Our team built two sets that resembled a Gatsby atmosphere.  We brought models in from the South Carolina Pageant circuit (including Miss Teen South Carolina- Brook Sill and Miss Junior Teen United States- Savanna Brown), models from Model Mayhem, and even our MUA took part as a model in this incredible experience!  FlowerCouture’s owner, Lynn Brown thought the photos were, “Stunning!”  Knowing that we fulfilled and exceeded our client’s expectations makes our profession and passion for photography worth while.


Find these FAB headbands on Flower Couture‘s Etsy page>

Photography by CMMS Studio (Custom Multimedia Solutions)

#Gatsby dress by Tanya-Marie Design

Models: Miranda Hodges, Ashley Lauren Pendergist, Kelehear Dickerson, Savanna Rae Brown (Miss Junior Teen United States), Blythe Neal, Brook Sill (Miss Teen SC USA)

MUA: Andrea Flowers

Miranda Hodges wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC

Ashley Lauren Pendergist wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC

Blythe Neal wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Kelehear Dickerson wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Miranda Hodges wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Savanna Rae Brown, Miss Junior Teen United States, wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC Ashley Lauren Pendergist wearing Etsy Flower Couture Headband for a Gatsby Promotion. Photography by CMMS Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC



Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Andrea+Flowers+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband

Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband



Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Miss+Teen+SC+Brook+Sill+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Andrea+Flowers+Gatsby+Headband Savanna+Brown+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Blythe+Neal+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Miranda+Hodges+Gatsby+Headband Ashley+Pendergist+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband Kelehear+Dickerson+Gatsby+Headband



Production Manager/Creative Director: Brenda Lerner
Photographer/Creative Director/Graphic Artist: Meganpixels Parker
Graphic Artist: Amanda “Dazzling” Welch
Videographer/Lighting/Gaffer/ : Art Barrera
Lighting/Gaffer: Keith Bardwell

Videography 101 – part 1

Hi everyone and welcome to my Video Production Tips & Tricks for Beginners Blog.

We live in an era of exciting and new technology in which consumer grade photographic and video equipment are capable of producing high quality images and video at an affordable price. That’s the sales pitch that you get at major electronics retail stores: “great affordable equipment”. However, great equipment doesn’t even win half of the battle if you don’t understand how it works or how to use it.

It is a common and misguided notion that photography and video are “easy”. Many assume that the ability to aim a camera at something or someone, frame the subject then get it into focus and press a shutter/record button makes them a Photographer or Videographer.

Sure it looks easy and like loads of fun, but becoming professionals in our fields takes many years of education, learning and understanding of the technical and creative side of our respective crafts. This is very often taken for granted by the general public.

Having said that, a person not looking to make a living at photography & video is not likely to invest in years of education and training in the field. This however does not mean that they are sentenced to produce lousy home films. A little knowledge can make a night and day difference in the most amateur home films and render some very satisfying results that friends and family will enjoy and praise!

As a videographer and editor with over 10 years of experience in film and video, I’ve seen my share of horrible shots. Fortunately, that has not been the norm in the professional world but I cannot say the same for home movies. So then the question arises: What makes one shot good and another bad? It’s not always as obvious as some might think and we will analyze that.

So, I have to ask: how well can you use your video camera?

Video cameras are all the same in terms of how they work. They do vary in quality and all the “bells and whistles”.  There are cameras that have specific uses such as for TV, security, endoscopes, etc. and then there is the “Camcorder”: a flexible video camera that has many uses yet is compact enough to allow one to do some pretty cool things. Things that we can’t do with a broadcast camera.

Next there is technique, the do’s and don’ts of shooting film. Yes, there are rules and they are there to be broken, but not without understanding WHY. This is very important.

I am going to take you through a journey through two landscapes of film-making: The Technical and The Creative. Although they are very different in nature and some may argue that each occupies an opposite hemisphere of the brain, one cannot work successfully without the other.

It is my hope that these posts help the novice home film-maker to better understand their equipment and learn a little bit of technique that is not only useful, but fun!

For my next post, I will visit the camera and some of those mysterious buttons and what they do,  then I will touch a little on technique.

I will leave you with a quote from Mr. Robert Altman: “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes”…

Furry Friends Pet Photography

CMMS Studio is the “cat’s meow” for pet portraiture.  The “Dog Days of Summer” are over now so come on out and get a beautiful portrait made of your favorite furry child or children. We are also offering a special on Pet Portrait Painting for those who are interested! Check out our Pinterest for some furry inspiration!



















Big Fat Greek Wedding – Lean Style

Eric and Olga were wed at the Greek Orthodox Church in Myrtle Beach, but had some unorthodox moments. Olga’s engagement ring was a toe ring, Eric picked out Olga’s wedding dress, and Eric walked Olga down the aisle (instead of her dad who had passed on).  Their wedding was such a joy to capture!

Olga and Eric Slideshow


Diving into Minds – High School Seniors

The class of 2013 represents the dawning of “Generation Z”.  They are unaware of what life would be like with little to no technology entertaining their every moment.  With such cultivated lives comes great, yet complex personalities.

We have had the pleasure of photographing some of these unique seniors lately.  Enjoy!




Has someone ever told you, “You are very photogenic.  The camera loves you!”

A term once used to describe someone has now become a competitive division in the pageant world.



Photogenic /ˌfōtəˈjenik/  (noun) a headshot or portrait used to compete in beauty pageants



How are these photos judged?

Photographers must have a keen eye for composition and know what the judges are looking for when taking a photogenic.

#1 You are only able to submit ONE photogenic in competition (at the MOST two if they permit it)

#2 The eyes must be composed above the 50% mark of the image.

#3 THE BABY MUST BE HAPPY AND CHEERFUL.  Judges want to see a baby that is full of life.  The solemn, pouty look is ok to be submitted in the “portfolio division”, but NOT in the photogenic category.

#4 Judges want to see a colorful images.




Cricket, the first little beauty queen shown below is currently winning, not only in her division, but also winning “Grand Supreme”.  In Layman’s terms that means Cricket is winning photogenic in her age group, winning overall in her age group, and winning the overall competition (meaning she is beating girls up to age 18). 

Keep up the good work Cricket!

Lillie B is the new, fresh face of Child Model Magazine

Sydney, 2012 Photogenic Winner "Dance Machine Nationals"